How to purchase Amazon UPC?

You can purchase Amazon UPC code from our website with basic steps. The process is so easy and fast. Also, we always have some products on sale that may help you while building your business. Even if you have problem with purchasing you can contact to us any moment that you want. Our client services is ready 7/24 to help you with the service that you wish.

What is Amazon UPC?

Amazon asks its seller to have UPC codes for their products. Instead of GTIN number UPC code is used in United Stated and Canada. These numbers are unique for these territories. Also every UPC code is GTIN number. So, every Amazon seller who sells his/her product to North America has to have UPC code. So there is actually nothing special about Amazon UPC. purchase Amazon UPC

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Can GTIN enough for Amazon?

If you sell your product to North America GTIN number cannot be enough for Amazon because Amazon asks for UPC code. When you provide UPC code for your products, it will also provide you GTIN number. In this way, we can say that you can sell your product globally with UPC code. However, you cannot sell your product with GTIN number to these areas with Amazon.

Purchase Amazon UPC


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