Selling on Amazon UPC/EAN and SKU 2022

Selling on Amazon UPC/EAN and SKU 2022

(Selling on Amazon UPC/EAN and SKU 2022) Amazon is one of the most successful global sales sites with its unique and different applications and the highest commission earnings. Product listings are not similar to other intermediary sales sites, and neither is the collection system. Amazon does not accept bank accounts in Turkey and requires you to have an account in one of the countries it has designated for collection. Therefore, for those living in Turkey, selling on Amazon turns into a somewhat roundabout and more costly process.

We will now touch on other issues that need to be overcome and understood before us.

UPC/EAN and SKU codes on Amazon

When you start adding your products, unlike other sales sites, you will see a mandatory field where you need to enter the UPC or EAN code and SKU code. What do the UPC/EAN codes mean, where do I get it, what is the SKU? You should be prepared to enter this information when listing your products. Selling on Amazon UPC/EAN and SKU 2022

UPC (Universal Product Code): It is a 12 or 13 digit barcode number used by US and Canadian companies.

EAN (European Article Number): It is the barcode numbering system used by Europe and Turkey, it can be eight or 13 digits. The one for books is ISBN, the one for periodicals is ISSN.

Your products must have barcode numbers labeled by the manufacturer. In this case, you can enter these numbers without any problems, and even if there is someone who lists the same product before you, you can benefit from that listing.

However, for example, your products that you provide by dropship method or your own or handmade products may not have barcodes. In this case, it is possible to purchase UPC and EAN barcodes from intermediary sites that sell barcodes working on Amazon. You can find UPC/EAN sellers for Amazon on Ebay and your Internet searches, but how do we make sure these UPC/EAN barcodes we buy will work? If you don’t want to risk it, the list of trusted UPC/EAN barcode vendors you can use for Amazon is published and updated by UPC’s inventor, GEORGE J. LAURER (inventor of the U.P.C. — 1973), you will also find a list of blacklisted UPC/EAN barcode vendors. Selling on Amazon UPC/EAN and SKU 2022

Barcodes must be purchased separately for each colour, type and size. You may not use the numbers you received in the product listing on Amazon and stick the label on your product, it is not mandatory.

If you apply to Amazon’s Brand Register program for your branded products, whether they are handmade or not, Amazon will give you a unique code number for each product type.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit): It is the unique stock code that the seller gives to his product.

You can get your codes cheaply and quickly by using the tool site while getting UPC codes.

Brand Register Program

What should we pay attention to in order to apply for the Amazon Brand Register program?

  • The key attributes (mfr-part number), model numbers, packaging or catalog numbers of your products that must be specified when added to Amazon are ready, these features appear on your website or catalog,
  • Having your company’s domain name and e-mail (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc. e-mails are not accepted),
  • Your brand must be on the product or on its packaging, the brand must appear in the product photos you submit.
  • You must apply with a website stating that you are the manufacturer and brand owner, otherwise your application will not be approved. Providing real and valid company name and detailed information about your job will ensure your approval.

What is FBA (Fullfiment by Amazon)?

It is the warehouse and fast shipping service that Amazon provides to its sellers. You send the products you want to sell to the warehouse address given by Amazon, and Amazon ships your products quickly and securely on your behalf as they are sold. In this way, you can manage your sales whether you are on vacation or from your home, since Amazon handles the chore of packaging and shipping on your behalf. You can also use FBA for wholesale sales. FBA provides great flexibility and time savings to the seller. Selling on Amazon UPC/EAN and SKU 2022

Since the service fee to be paid to Amazon for FBA will vary according to the price, size and the day it will wait for the product to be sent, cost calculations can be made from an FBA Revenue Calculator, that is, FBA Commission calculation section, or it would be good to obtain general FBA Cost (Fulfillment Fees orders on Amazon) information. Selling on Amazon UPC/EAN and SKU 2022

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