How do I get a GTIN number? 2021

If you produce a product but you want to make it unique around the world, you must have a GTIN number. Digit numbers may be different according to the origin of the product or the type of the product. However, you may think how to get an unequalled GTIN codes, since there are lots of producers in the market.

How to buy a GTIN Number?

In our website, you can create one for each of your product. The steps are so simple and fast. Click on the shop button on our main page and it will lead you to our products. You can choose the amount of the GTIN number that you want and you will go forward to finish purchasing process.

What If I have a question or problem?

Buying process is so easy but if you have a problem in that part you can contact with us with the chat button on the right bottom side of the page. Our customer services is always ready to help you.

How will I get the GTIN number(s)?

After you finish buying, the system will automatically let you to get GTIN number(s). Then the numbers will be ready to be used on your products. They will be only available for your products. You should always remember that the more buy it, the cheaper they are.

Click for frequently asked questions for Gtin.

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