What is UPC Code?

What is UPC Code

What is UPC Codes or Universal Product Codes are 12 number code which can be found under the bar codes of the sale product. That is unique and special for that product only. In this way, customers and sellers can track their product. It will also absolutely help you to check your inventory and keep it updated all the time.

Should my products have UPC Code?

In US, every profitable company must have it. However, it is only for US companies. It helps both sides of the trade. For example; if a customer likes your product, they can find you easily with this code. What is UPC Code

1 Upc + 1 Ean Barcode Numbers

Why does it have 12 numbers?

It has 12 numbers because it has your company’s prefix then the amount of your items and then check digit. Your companies prefix may change according to the amount of your items. When you have more items, your prefix will be shorter but when you have a small amount of products, your prefix will be longer.

How can I get UPC Code(s)?

You can get your unique UPC Code for each of your product from our website easily and quickly. We offer better prices when you want to do wholesale. You should check our shop page and choose the best amount for you with cheap prices.

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