GS1 Barcode

GS1 Barcode Systems, which enable fast and accurate identification of commercial products, increase efficiency and reduce costs throughout the supply chain when used appropriately.

GS1 Barcode Systems

GS1 Barcodes provide automatic data entry in Automatic Data Collection (ADC) applications within the scope of information systems. Thanks to ADC applications, which eliminate the need for manual data entry into information systems, the accuracy and speed required by business environments are achieved, thereby increasing efficiency in transactions. GS1 System barcode standards determine the application rules of barcodes to be used within the scope of this system. These rules explain how to code the identification numbers and supplementary information to be included in the barcodes, the barcode alphabets to be used, the printing techniques of the barcodes and the placement of the barcodes on the products.


What is UPC Code?

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