How to Barcode on Amazon?

How to Barcode on Amazon? Today we would like to explain this issue to you. If you have a seller account on and you will create a new product list, Amazon asks you for a UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN number.

If the product you will sell on Amazon is your own product, you should get a UPC or EAN code. The difference between them is;

EAN UPC Barcode

We often see this barcode on products in supermarkets and pharmacies. EAN ( European Article Number ) is the European Article Number standard and its American equivalent is UPC ( Universal Product Code ) International Product Code.

There are two main types of EAN barcode. EAN8 is coded with eight (8) digits and EAN13 is coded with thirteen (13) digits. The word digit means numbers rather than characters. In these barcodes, EAN and UPC encode numbers only. Coding of alphabetic characters is not possible with these codes.

Amazon UPC code

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Now we enter these codes in the spaces below, and then according to the results, we enter the UPC or EAN codes we received from in the relevant space.

Example Barcoding

Attention: UPC, EAN codes are not barcodes. You will list one product on Amazon, for this you have to give a barcode, that is, UPC or EAN, you want to combine three different products and sell them in a single package, so the person who can’t order can buy three products at the same time, and you must create a separate barcode for it…

What is Amazon UPC?

How to Barcode on Amazon Handmade Items

handmade barcode canvas print

Since handmade products are made-to-order products and the products are not copies of each other, Amazon requests a barcode for each handmade product. In other words, you should use this barcode only once when making a barcode that you have prepared for a personalized table or a personalized coffee cup. When you use both, you are violating Amazon policies.

In other words, you have listed a product of 1 type and if the stock number of this product is 100, it will give you 100 barcodes in PDF format. You have to stick the barcodes on these 100 products one by one.

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